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We're proud to offer luxurious yet affordable Malouf Fine Linens to enhance your guest experience!

Providing unmatched quality and value, these world-class linens also provide quick set up and easy care. Their classic elegance enhances the style of any space. And their luxury will ensure a guest's supreme satisfaction and comfort.

Plus for a limited time, enjoy free shipping on any sheets and bedding products.

Which means with our quality, service and price... you can't afford to not have these.

Luxury Bamboo Sheet Set: Queen or King, by Malouf Fine Linens

These all-natural luxury sheets are expertly and innovatively crafted of fibers from bamboo. They're so supremely soft, your guests will dream of these sheets even when they're not in them!

With bamboo fiber featuring a natural breathability, these sheets are also extremely silky, clean feeling and temperature regulating. The natural, porous material makes the them ideal for sensitive skin, keeping you cool and dry as moisture is wicked away. Plus, the sheets are also antibacterial and resistant to odors. With a universal fit design of deep pockets and an ultra-thick, full-length elastic that produces a secure, smooth fit on mattress depths from 6” – 22”, it’s easy to put on, won’t slip off, and ensures a crisp clean feel every night. 

This is high performance, natural bedding... that creates a sublime and luxurious sleep. 

Set includes flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillow cases.

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  • Silky-soft with smooth fibers for sensitive skin.

  • Naturally hypoallergenic.

  • Highly breathable. Supremely comfortable.

  • Unique soothing color palette adds sophistication to any space.

  • Universal Fit® design with ultra-thick elastic ensures a secure fit on any mattress, from 6"-22" deep!

  • $155.99 Queen. $164.99 King. Free shipping.

600 Thread Count Cotton Blend Set: Queen or King, by Malouf Fine Linens

The classic comfort of cotton is now available in a technologically advanced blend that minimizes wrinkles while maximizing comfort. These sheets are brilliantly crafted -- pure cotton strands lined up in one direction, and then poly strands woven across for a two-sided design with the feel of pure cotton on one side and the wrinkle-resistant convenience of polyester on the other. Make the bed with the cotton sides facing and enjoy the embrace of soft, cozy cotton against the skin. Your guests will be assured of a heavenly, soothing sleep! The Universal Fit® design ensures sheets have a smooth, secure fit on any mattress. Fabric content: 55% cotton, 45% polyester.


These advanced sheets combine luxury with price and practicality to help your property succeed.

Set includes flat sheet, fitted sheet and two matching cases.

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  • Soft, cozy feel of pure cotton.

  • Exceptional value.

  • Two-sided weave design creates a soft cotton side and a wrinkle-resistant poly side.

  • Deep pockets and oversized dimensions for mattress depths up to 18".

  • Universal Fit® design with thick elastic for a smooth, secure fit.

  • Breathable comfort. Excellent temperature management. Timeless style.

  • $99.99 Queen. $109.99 King. Free shipping.

Microfiber Sheet Set: Queen or King Size, by Malouf Fine Linens

These super-soft and supremely practical linens create an ultra comfortable sleep environment at an incredible price. Naturally stain- and wrinkle-resistant fibers make care effortless, and ensure continued use without unsightly pilling or shrinking. Deep pockets create a perfect fit while vibrant colors present an elegant complement to any setting. Plus, these wash and dry quickly... minimizing set up and turnaround time. Perfect for busy properties.

Set includes flat sheet, fitted sheet and two matching cases.

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  • Super soft, brushed microfiber.

  • Stain and wrinkle resistant.

  • Oversized dimensions to cover mattress sides.

  • Elegantly boxed set includes everything you need for one bed.

  • Deep pockets and oversized dimensions for mattress depths 6”–18”.

  • Universal Fit® design with thick elastic ensures a secure fit.

  • A stunning array of unique colors... guaranteed to enhance your style and space!

  • $53.99 Queen. $62.99 King. Free shipping.

Luxe Duvet Cover + Sham Set: Queen or King, With Exclusive NO-SLIP Duv8t Design, by Malouf Fine Linens

Add the finishing touch to your guest bedding with a fluffy, fantastic and fashionable duvet set. Including one duvet comforter cover and two matching shams, this will cleanly tie the entire look of the bed together while providing the perfect piece to keep guests warm, comfy and cozy .

Made from advanced Rayon from Bamboo, this duvet set offers cloud like luxury and matches any sheets -- yours, or any of the luxury lines above. The silky, all natural material is ideal for sensitive skin and ultra breathable creating an optimal sleep atmosphere and temperature.

Plus it's not only comfortable, it’s also brilliantly convenient. The duvet offers the intelligent, patent pending Duv8t™ Fastening System -- which features 8 interior corner and side loops. This holds the matching companion comforter (see below!) perfectly square and neatly in place inside the duvet cover. That means no shifting, no lumping, no messy dislodged comforter inside!  


One quick shake of the duvet to smooth it and voila! The bed is smooth and beautiful! The room is made!

  • Silky-soft rayon from bamboo. Ultra smooth luxury.

  • Clean, crisp, and comfortable feel.

  • Soft and silky natural material wicks away moisture making it ideal for sensitive skin.

  • The patent-pending Duv8t™ fastening system has 8 interior corner and side loops instead of the traditional 4... to hold the matching interior comforter perfectly in place.

  • Pair perfectly with the compatible comforter. (See below!).  Duvet set includes one duvet cover and two matching pillow shams.

  • Queen $164.99. King $194.99.  Free shipping.

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HypoAllergenic Down Alternative Comforter: Queen or King, by Malouf Fine Linens

Soft, cozy, warm and easy to care for, this luxury blanket will wrap your guests in comfort. With people being sensitive or allergic to goose down or feather fill, you can be assured this hypoallergenic comforter is the perfect solution for everyone and for year-round comfort and convenience. Free of any allergens, it will always look and feel good.  It's smart box stitching keep fill smooth and even. And with a shell of 100% microfiber and filling of 100% polyester fiber, this is machine washable for the ultimate in easy care and use.

This comforter pairs perfectly with the duvet cover above -- incorporating corner and side tie loops in the simple but smart DUV8t system (patent pending!) to ensure it always lays flat in the cover... making sure the bed is beautiful to look at, and easy to make.

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  • Ultra soft double-brushed microfiber cover.

  • Hypoallergenic 70gsm hypoallergenic down alternative fill.

  • Corner and side duvet cover loops, pairs perfectly with duvet + Duv8t system above.

  • Box stitched design for consistent loft and breathability.

  • Luxurious down style and feel without odors, allergens or sharp quills.

  • Oversized to fit any mattress depth.

  • Spectacularly priced! Queen $74.99. King $89.99. Free shipping.

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