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Spectacular Soaps and Suds Are Here...!


With BNB Goodies your property will shine as you pamper guests with the same luxury soaps, shampoos, conditioners and amenities that world-class hotels, resorts and spas do.


Available in ultra-convenient, complete sets of 10 you can order enough for 10 guests, 20 guests or even 30 or 100 -- as little as you need or as much as you want!  In highly manageable quantities that ensure you always have enough on hand with product that is always consistently fresh and new!


Plus, our pricing simply can't be beat.  So while your property looks the absolute best and you shine as the host with the most, you actually pay the very least!


Choose standard sets with shampoo, conditioner and your choice of soap or body wash / bath gel.

Go deluxe with shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash and moisturizing lotion.

Or mix + match so you choose exactly what amenities you need in whatever quanties you want!

These sets are intelligently designed to minimize waste yet maximize value, and will last a guest 3-5 days -- the average AirBNB or vacation rental stay. If you can't decide which of our super suds and shampoos to choose, try a deluxe sampler pack to experience them all!  

Or, if you only need just the basics, we offer SOAP ONLY too... click here!

Beekman 1802: Standard or Deluxe Set

For the elegant, sublime and ultra-sophisticated. Upscale modern styling on the outside... alluring, natural elements within. This crisp, lightly citrus-scented line has top quality ingredients and absolutely no parabens, petroleum, parafin or mineral oil. If you were in a Park Avenue penthouse... these are the amenities you would find and indulge in. Sets includes shampoo, conditioner and super gentle soap with goats milk, shea butter and verbena. You will find Beekman products at Williams Sonoma, Anthropologie and other first class merchants. 1.0 ounce bottles, 1.25 ounce soap. 


Perfect for inspiring, artful, uncluttered escapes. 

Standard Set

includes shampoo, conditioner,  shea butter soap or body wash.

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Deluxe Set

includes everything: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap and luscious moisturizing body lotion!

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