Be The Host With The Most...!


Here are some great ideas for amazing extras!  These items are terrific, useful touches that will really impress your guests and make your property shine! 



These innovative and elegant towels will show guests you've thought of everything. They'll also save you precious time, money and resources by saving your other towels from stains and certain ruin!

If lipstick, mascara, foundation, eyeliner or more are removed with a lighter towel, it will be ruined!  If you're a host who's had this happen, you know what we mean! If you're a host who hasn't had this happen, you don't want to know what we mean! These premium cotton towels are deep, pure black and will hide the majority of makeup stains.


We recommend 2-3 towels per guest.  That allows a fresh towel daily, and enough to launder inbetween.


Towels are only $9.50 each -- a small price to pay for a luxurious and logical item!

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