Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our FAQ and  if you need further assistance please contact us.


Secure Payments  & Quick Affordable Shipping


We only accept credit cards via an SSL-secured encrypted connection to protect your data. We do not accept credit cards over the phone as a further precaution to keep your payment information private & secure.


We ship in the U.S. within 2 business days via USPS Priority Mail with tracking on available stock. Fast, reliable domestic priority mail takes only 1-3 days to arrive based on your location in the U.S.


U.S.P.S. Domestic Priority FLAT RATE Shipping Rate:

We use Flat Rate shipping with tracking to save you money as it is the most economical way to ship. These are USPS rates:

- Shipping for up to 20, 30 or 40 bars of soap: $7.75

- Shipping for up to 10 standard sets of toiletries: $7.75

- Shipping for up to 20 or 30 standard sets, or 10 or 20 deluxe sets of toiletries: $15.50

- Shipping for up to 40, 50 or 60 standard sets, or 30 deluxe sets of toiletries: $18.75

UPS or FEDEX. If you need either of these shippers please contact us before you order so we can create a special delivery order for you.  Either of these options are approximately 2-5x more expensive than Flat Rate USPS Shipping.

International Shipping, Priority Flat Rate: This is the most cost-effective delivery.

- Shipping for 30 standard sets or 20 deluxe sets in medium flat rate box: $67.50 and up.

- Shipping for up to 60 standard sets or 30 deluxe sets in large flat rate box: $87.95 and up.

- INTERNATIONAL RATES DEPEND ON DESTINATION. Shipping to Canada, for example, is less than shipping to Germany. lnternational guests, please send us your desired order, for accurate shipping quote.



Returns & Refunds


We strive to provide the best guest amenities and lowest prices on the web.  And we're sure our goodies will enhance your property and guest experience!


If you would like to return your order, we provide a full refund of the purchase price (minus the shipping costs) for unopened, undamaged items returned within 10 days of receipt.  Contact us to let us know you need to return the shipment.  Shipping costs are not refundable.​


Are there ever coupons available or ways to save more? 

YES -- please LIKE us on FaceBook!  Yes just hit the big blue button below! And every month we'll randomly choose a winner for $25 of free toiletries.  And you'll receive news of flash sales and discount codes!


How do BNBGoodies prices compare to travel size or discount store items? 

If you compare the fabulous soaps and suds from  BNB GOODIES to other toiletries, you'll easily see the savings and superior quality of our products! And more importantly the positive guest impact are even more impressive!  Check the guest amenities available at drug and department stores.  And wow -- see how big their prices are too...!

At SavOn, RiteAid, Walgreens or Target... a basic run of the mill trio of soap, shampoo and conditioner will set you back a minimum of $4.50 plus tax.  Yup.  Four dollars and fifty cents plus tax for no frills drug-store quality stuff!


But BNBgoodies is less than half that price for premium luxury sets that add a real touch of style & elegance!


So treat your guests to fresh and personal luxury toiletries that start at only $2.45 / set! And not a mismatched set of items or sloppy soap and shampoo combo that looks like shared leftovers yet costs over $4.50!

YES! Beautiful, clean + elegant. 5-Star Hotel and Luxury Property Looks!


COST: $2.45+up per set. Superior quality, style and savings for you.

NO! Sloppy, mismatched + messy brands that look like motel left overs.

COST: $4.50+up per set -- or nearly 2x the price of luxury BNB Goodies.

  • You'll save time, resources and money.

  • Your property will shine with the most graceful, professional touch.

  • Your savvy guests will be impressed and happy with high quality toiletries and goodies.


And it's just more proof... that BNBgoodies is the perfect way to treat your property and guests to the best! 

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