Natural Luxury... by Malouf Fine Linens

Rayon from Bamboo Sheets. Extraordinarly Elegant and Smooth.


Rayon from Bamboo is an innovative and all natural fiber. It has a supremely soft and soothing drape and feel, which makes a bed a heaven and haven!


Breathable. Cooling. Moisture wicking. These sheets are ideal for sensitive skin and provide a crisp clean feel. They also help ensure a healthy sleeping environment with their hypoallergenic and odor resistant qualities.


Designed to fit any bed, there are extra deep pockets and oversized dimensions for mattress depths 6”–22”. Yet, the Universal Fit® design with ultra-thick elastic ensures a secure and tailored fit.


With this premium product, your bed will look great and your guest will sleep gloriously!


SPECIAL OFFER: Limited Time Free Shipping On Bedding. Any shipping charges for your bedding, will be refunded once order is processed. That makes these fantastic sheets... a fantastic value.

Bamboo Natural Sheets by Malouf Fine Linens - QUEEN

  • Due to the nature of bedding, we regret that returns can only be accepted for:

    - defective product, or 
    - unopened, wholly new product. 

    Thank you.

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