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Quality and Luxury by Malouf Linens


Supremely soft and soothing, down-alternative comforter! This is a perfect piece of year-round bedding that will satisfy all your guests. No need to worry about allergies to down or feather or allergens. This hypoallergenic comforter provides warmth, comfort and a gentle soothing sleep environment for all.


Box stitched so no lumping of filling occurs.


And... part of the brilliant patent-pending DUV8T system, where the duvet cover has 8 ties to match up to 8 small loops on the comforter, to always squarely hold it in place! No mis-shappen soggy sleep covers! Just beautiful elegant bedding to enjoy all day and night. (Duvet cover purchased separately...)


This isn't just a comforter. It's a smart and classy bedding system.

HypoAllergenic Comforter ($100 - $135 Based On Size)

Out of Stock
  • Due to the nature of bedding, we regret that returns can only be accepted for:

    - defective product, or 

    - unopened, wholly new product. 


    Thank you.

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