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This lovely offering from famed purveyor Gilchrist+Soames is available in popular convenient packs, with 10 pieces of each item.

So mix and match exactly the items and quantities you need. A package contains 10 pieces of each specific amenity. Select from...


- Shampoo (10 bottles)

- Conditioner (10 bottles)

- Body/Shower Gel (10 bottles)

- Moisturizing Lotion (10 bottles)


soap, two choices available:

- Oatmeal Square Massage Bar Soap (10 bars)

- Luxury Skincare Soap, Round Pleat Wrap (10 bars)


No matter what you choose, a great idea is is to buy extra bars of companion soap for the sink and a full first-class setup!


1.35oz bottles. 1.5oz oatmeal massage bar soap. 1.0oz luxury soap, round pleat wrap.


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