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Protect your guests, your bedding -- and your business from potential liability.


These are superior, breathable, waterproof and secure mattress and pillow protectors that guard against spills, stains, bugs, dust mites, allergens and more. Keeping mattresses and pillows clean and stain free, and the sleeping environment safe.

The protectors are created from advanced technical material that is a breathable H2Pro® membrane. It allows air to pass, but does not change the feel of the original pillow or mattress. And does not have the 'crinkly bag' sound or uncomfortable plastic feeling of other inferior protrectors.


And for complete safety the mattress covers encases the entire mattress. Thus preventing bugs and allergens and dust mites on top... or on the bottom of the mattress. An area that may easily be overlooked.


  • Patented complete mattress encasement. Top and bottom covers zip together 360-degrees around entire mattress.
  • Lab-certified waterproof membrane
  • Three sided zipper for easy laundering on matress cover.
  • Lab-certified H2Pro® waterproof membrane is quiet and breathable
  • Soft, quiet protection against bed bugs, dust mites and allergens
  • Deep pocket design on mattress protectors offer a smooth, secure fit on mattresses 6" to 14" deep
  • Pillow protectors zip up for complete coverage too.


These are not just beneficial to have. They're critical.


SleepTite Mattress + Pillow Protectors ($60 - $130 Based On Size)

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  • Due to the nature of bedding, we regret that returns can only be accepted for:

    - defective product, or 

    - unopened, wholly new product. 

    Thank you.

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