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When Less Is More.


ZERO is an elegant and earthy line that features aloe and fresh herbs, highlighted with crisp marine notes, and hints of jasmine, rose water and lily. It creates a refreshing outdoorsy experience in the comfort of your space. And gives guests  just another reason to love their stay!


With simple yet sophisticated styling, ZERO will elevate and enhance any decor.

Mix and match, and choose exactly what you need to create a kit or replenish certain supplies. Each package contains 10 pieces of each specific item you select:


- Shampoo (10 bottles)

- Conditioner (10 bottles)

- Shower / Bath Gel (10 bottles)

- Moisturizing Body Lotion (10 bottles)

- Gentle Aloe Soap Bar (10 bars)


Buy enough for 10 guests , 100... or even more. In exactly the combination you desire.


A great idea is is to buy extra bars of matching soap for the sink and a full first-class setup.


No sulfates, parabens, phtalates or artificial colors.

1.35 ounce bottles, 1.0 ounce bar soap.


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