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How BNBgoodies help you succeed and save!


BNB GOODIES was founded and is run by property owners -- just like you! 


With 10+ years experience hosting a chic little escape that received world-wide press and praise... we discovered the tips, tricks and toiletries that elevate a property from being merely good.  To being great!


When we happily began to share our advice and amenities with other hosts, they became superhosts as they made their spaces spectacular too!  We're here to do the same for you --- adding to your success, while saving you time and money too! 


Compare BNB GOODIES to other toiletries and you'll see -- the savings, superior quality and positive guest impact are significant.  Check the guest amenities available at drug and department stores.  And wow -- see how big their prices are too...!

At SavOn, RiteAid, Walgreens or Target... a basic run of the mill trio of soap, shampoo and conditioner will set you back a minimum of $4.50 plus tax.  Yup.  Four dollars and fifty cents plus tax for no frills drug-store quality stuff!


But BNBgoodies is less than half that price for premium luxury sets that add a real touch of class and style!


So treat your guests fresh and new luxury toiletries that start at only $2.45 / set! And not a mismatched, sloppy soap and shampoo combo that looks like leftovers yet costs over $4.50!

YES! Beautiful, clean + elegant. 5-Star Hotel and Luxury Property Looks!


COST: $2.45+up per set. Superior quality, style and savings for you.

NO! Sloppy, mismatched + messy brands that look like motel left overs.

COST: $4.50+up per set -- or nearly 2x the price of luxury BNB Goodies.

  • You'll save time, resources and money.

  • Your property will shine with the most graceful, professional touch.

  • Your savvy guests will be impressed and happy with high quality toiletries and goodies.


And it's just more proof... that BNBgoodies is the perfect way to treat your property and guests to the best! 

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