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Something Special For Someone Special... YOU!



We have some great ideas for amazing extras!  These items are terrific and useful touches that will really help you and your guests, and make your property shine! 



These elegant towels will really show your guests you are completely on point and have thought of everything. But more than that, they will also save you precious time, money and resources by saving your other towels from makeup stains that will certainly ruin them.  If lipstick, mascara, foundation, eyeliner or more stain a lighter towel, they will ruin it!  If you're a host who's had this happen, you know what we mean!  If you're a host who hasn't had this happen, you don't want to know what we mean! These are crafted of premium quality cotton, and measure 12.5" x 12.5" square.  The deep, pure black will hide the majority of makeup stains... saving your other towels and your sanity!  ;-)


Recommended supply: 2-3 towels per guest.


We will always provide you the best value and save you the most $ possible!  If you add towels to an existing order they will be included with no additional shipping charge as long as they fit in the same box.  (Shipping adjusted after your order is packed so we can see how they fit.) $9.00 each -- a small price to pay for a luxury towel that will last, and save your other linens from certain ruin. 


Give your guests something to smile about! Add travel-size quality toothpaste by Colgate Total to your amenity collection or have it on hand if they forget -- and you will certainly impress.


You know what else will impress?  Our prices! At only 80¢ / tube our price is almost 50% less than the big box discount stores.  Wow!  So maybe the only thing about big box stores... is their big price?!   Sold in sets of 4.  Each tube 0.75 ounces.

US: 80¢ / tube.  Yup!  BNB Goodies is best!


guest toothpaste airbnb travel size hotel

THEM: $1.49 / tube.  Ouch! They are really off Target on this one!

eCloth HIGH TECH Cleaning System

state-of-the art high density cloths that provide fast, superior, chemical-free cleaning... to prep your guest spot quickly, and perfectly!

S O L D   O U T        S O L D   O U T  

eCloths are an extraordinary and efficient way to clean and are proven to remove

99% of dirt and bacteria while saving time, money, resources and the earth.  These patented, ultra-dense microfiber cloths eliminate costly paper towels, dirty rags and harsh chemicals and are activated simply by  water  ! They can be used on wood, tile, stone, porcelain, glass, steel, counters, formica, corian, shelves, tv's, electronics, mirrors and more.  They provide high efficiency cleaning and are an amazing way to quickly get your guest spots in order with a simply superior clean.

eCloths work by having a super dense microfiber construction and nearly 500 million fiber strands in each cloth. The filaments are so small and strong using just water they break up, lift, lock in, and deep clean the tiniest grooves and crevices. Dust, grease, oils, grime, dirt and bacteria are quickly removed and held by the cloth until it is rinsed or washed. Surfaces are left streak and lint free and cleaned so effectively there's nowhere left for bacteria to grow. And by eliminating the use of cleaning chemicals, there are no potential irritants to guests or you.


Other microfiber cloths exist.  But only patented eCloths are award-winning, and recommended by Good Housekeeping and top prestige appliance manufacturers like Miele, Bosch, Electrolux and more. 


With eCloths, you'll elevate your property and status as a first-class host and your place will shine.  Literally.


The combo pack contains 4 general purpose cloths that you can color code for different surfaces or rooms, and 1 polishing cloth that gives steel and glass the final shining touch.  These are superior cloths at a superior price.  Check Amazon and you'll see them offered for more!  But buy them here and save, seeing once again that BNB GOODIES provides you the best products for your property... at the best price!



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